Episode 18: WDA Brand Marketing CEO, Dr. William D’Arienzo

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Interview with Dr. William D’Arienzo

Dr. William D’Arienzo is the founder and CEO of WDA Brand Marketing. They help clients achieve their brand strategy objectives and business goals. In the past 25 years WDA Brand Marketing has worked with: Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Kohl’s, Walmart and many other retailers. They develop brand management strategies that generate measurable results.

Brand Management Strategies – Luxury and Mass MarketsWilliam D’Arienzo Phd. Published by Bloomsbury. In his book he explains how a brand can successfully drive global business development using a rigorous analytic and an applied approach, with supporting examples from current fashion apparel and non-fashion brands including: Hermes, Prada, J. Crew, Apple, BMW, Ritz Carlton and many more.