Episode 37: Ministry of Supply CEO and Co-Founder, Aman Advani

In this episode of Brick & Data we are joined by Aman Advani – the CEO and Co-founder of Ministry of Supply. This episode truly represents the intersection of technology and fashion – literally weaving technology into the fabric we wear. Does the name ‘Ministry of Supply” sound slightly familiar? If you are a James Bond fan, it should.

Ministry of Supply

We started Ministry of Supply to solve a common problem: Dress clothes are stiff, stuffy, and high-maintenance. Born out of MIT in 2012, our mission is to engineer sharp, high-performing, comfortable clothes. By understanding your body in motion and using innovative materials, we are inventing apparel that’s sweat proof, highly stretchable, and machine washable—dress clothes you actually want to wear.

Our Namesake: You know Q from Bond? He’s based on a real person, named Charles Fraser Smith, who designed gadgetry and clothing for the British Special Ops. We’re inspired by Q, the ultimate empathetic inventor, creating gear for people on a mission. His cover? Our namesake, Ministry of Supply.

Check out Ministry of Supply for yourself!

About Aman Advani

Aman Advani is Co-founder and CEO of Ministry of Supply, a clothing brand inventing a new category: Performance Professional – performance dress clothes. The company was founded in 2012 with the mission to incorporate fundamental engineering and performance principles into dress clothing staples, ultimately building a wardrobe that both looks good, and feels comfortable (think Nike meets Brooks Brothers). Prior to co-founding Ministry of Supply, Advani spent 4 years in management and non-profit consulting with Deloitte and TechnoServe. He holds a BSIE from Georgia Tech, and half an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and was a member of Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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