Giveaway time. It’s Our 1-Year Anniversary!

Hey loyal and not-so-loyal listeners! It’s our 1-year anniversary, so let’s do a giveaway. Only those that write us a review on iTunes will be considered – with proof! You have now until August 31st at noon to enter.

What are you giving away?

A $100 Amazon gift card.

How do I enter?

Send an email to with the subject “Giveaway” along with evidence of your review (copy/paste the review, link to the live review, or screenshot) + the username used in the review.

Here’s how to leave a review in iTunes:

Click here to open our podcast in iTunes. You may get a prompt to open the iTunes application.
After finding us on iTunes, click the Subscribe button. 🙂
Then click Ratings and Reviews to open that panel. Click “Write a Review” and leave us an honest review!


When will you choose the winner?

August 31st. Winner will be notified by email.

Good luck!!



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