Episode 14: Black Friday doesn’t matter, Millennials want it NOW, Alibaba sets a record

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Black Friday doesn’t matter

Perhaps because retailers offer so many deals spread throughout the holiday season and many deals are available online, 42% of consumers say Black Friday is less important to them than it was five years ago, according to the “Holiday Shopping Survey 2016,” an online survey

58% of consumers say special deals on specific days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday do not affect their shopping behavior, the survey says.

Still, far more than half (63%) of U.S. consumers are annoyed or very annoyed when they see holiday merchandise in stores before Halloween, compared with 71% who said the same in 2014, the survey says.

Millennials want it NOW

A recent study shows that (what seems to be the show favorite generation) Millennials will pay up for faster shipping.

The Deloitte study, which surveyed 5,000 consumers from Sept. 6-20, found that millennials were willing to pay an average of $5.50 to get their order the same day during the holiday season, compared to an average of $3.80 for non-millennials. For next-day delivery, they were willing to pay an average of $3.90 per order, compared to $2.60 for non-millennials.

Read more.

Alibaba makes $17B in 24 hours

Alibaba Group said Saturday that Singles Day sales processed through founder Jack Ma’s Alipay unit totaled $17.8 billion of gross merchandise volume across Alibaba’s China and international retail marketplaces, a 32% increase over last year’s shopping event. Mobile GMV settled through Alipay accounted for 82% of that total, compared to 69% in 2015.

Shoppers from 235 countries and regions completed cross-border Singles Day transactions on Friday Nov 11, and 37% of total buyers purchased items from international brands or merchants.

More here and here.


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