Episode 12: Shop on Instagram, an Easier button, more bots!

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Shop on Instagram

Coming soon are “shoppable photos” tagged with pricing and description meta data. This is different than the “buy buttons” introduced a year ago, which were deemed a failure by many.

  • What makes this different? Not much.
  • “Few retailers say that social networks are a great customer acquisition tool,” said Sucharita Mulpuru (former Forrester analyst). “There is so much content on Pinterest, Instagram and other discovery engines, so any individual piece of content gets very little visibility, and even less conversion.” 

More articles here and here.

An Easier button

Staples is releasing a smarter, slicker Easy button. Aimed at the SMB market and currently in alpha testing with a handful of retailers, it also includes AI technology from IBM Watson.

From twice.com: “Staples is also using Watson technology across its entire Easy ordering ecosystem, enabling participants to track shipments and chat about customer-service needs. The system will now be able to learn preferences over time, such preferred products and quantities, and make recommendations. The IBM Watson Conversation service, meanwhile, will be able to respond to such common requests as checking product availability.”

More bots!

  • Mobile commerce is expected to account for 32 % of online sales this year, up from 26% last year, according to eMarketer.
  • And more than half of consumers’ time spent online is now coming from mobile apps, per a recent report form comScore.

From RetailDive: “The inherent challenges with apps are the reason why a number of brands have jumped on the opportunity to build chatbots on Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps. The thinking is that with a much smaller investment, marketers can engage users where they are spending much of their time.”

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