Episode 11: Adidas and Under Armour play leapfrog, Amazon’s next conquest, why consumers buy

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Adidas and Under Armour Play Leapfrog

  • Athletic gear retailer Adidas’s U.S. sales have overtaken Under Armour to regain the No. 2 spot behind rival Nike, according to research from NPD Group sports retail analyst Matt Powell, who tweeted the news Tuesday.
  • After 5 straight bad years, Adidas announced a turnaround plan a while back: speed, cities and open source (athletes, consumers, and partners) – and it’s paying off.

Your clothing and grocery belong to us!

  • According to a report by Cowen & Co., Amazon’s clothing and accessory sales are projected to rise approximately 30 percent next year to $28 billion, while Macy’s sales are expected to decline 4 percent to $22 billion.
  • Cowen sees Amazon’s clothing sales rising from $22 billion in 2016 to $62 billion in 2021. During that same period, Cowen expects Amazon to increase its market share from 6.6 percent right now, to 16.2 percent by 2021.

Why do consumers buy? Into the mind of a consumer.

People love shiny things. Why? For a long time, we were quite comfortable with just observing consumer responses and saying, “Well, we put up a sale sign and consumers buy. And we don’t care why.” Today, however, retailers are much more interested in understanding the “why” behind consumer behavior.

José also updates us on the WWD CEO Summit that took place last week along with some of the themes and topics presented.


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