Episode 09: Amazon Prime goldmine, Crate & Barrel’s tablets, a new frontier for search

The Amazon Prime Goldmine

Amazon’s 49 million Prime customers are worth a staggering $143 billion to the company over their lifetime. That’s because they’re far more active buyers than regular Amazon customers and they don’t leave the service. By all metrics, they’re happy.

Read more over at Forbes.

Crate & Barrel’s Tablets

Crate & Barrel is working with retail customer identification and re-marketing specialist, CloudTags to further connect stores to online. Customers pick up a tablet at the front of the store to act as their sidekick in a way – showing them real time inventory information, creating wishlists, viewing features, etc.. Exactly how they would normally shop online, but while in-store browsing.

More here.

A New Frontier for Search

Search in retail is undergoing a period of innovation. New search capabilities recognize the subjective nature of personalization, while leveraging shopper’s behaviors, brand likes/dislikes, style preferences, and price ranges to determine what is best for an individual customer.

Google data published last month states that 70% of smartphone owners who bought something in a store first turned to their devices for insight relevant to that purchase, and 92% of consumers who searched for a product on their phone went on to make a related purchase.

More at Retail Dive.

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