Episode 01!: Harry’s Target

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Brick & Data podcast! 

In this episode:

  • Get ready for some sales, it’s back to school
  • Walmart is buying growth
  • Target is getting cozy with Harry’s
  • Ralph Lauren did something controversial at the Rio olympics

Back to School – survey by AT Kearney


  • 80% of these shoppers plan to spend at least as much or more than they did last year during the same period a year ago.
  • 57% of survey respondents say they are doing back-to-school buying in physical stores
  • 91% of respondents to the A.T. Kearney survey said competitive pricing is their main concern while doing back-to-school shopping

Walmart Aquiring Jet.com for $3.3 billion


  • Another huge brick and mortar trying to beat out Amazon
    • Free shipping on $35+ orders
  • Jet has been adding 350k customers per month
  • Walmart is also buying Jet’s pricing technology – drops price in real-time as you shop
  • Walmart may have existing issues that the Jet.com acquisition can’t solve
    • A survey (to measure customer loyalty preferences) from Prosper Insights shows customer preference for Amazon to have risen 14.5% since 2011, and fallen 2.5% for Walmart.com
    • To make matters worse, the same survey showed that 70% of Jet.com customers even prefer Amazon over Walmart.com.\

Harry’s shaving products at Target


  • In the stores, Harry’s will have shelf space right next to Gillette
  • For those that don’t like the subscription model, they have the option to buy off store shelves.
  • Harry’s biggest competitor in the shaving subscription space, Dollar Shave Club, was acquired by Unilever in July for $1 billion
  • This deal seems to do more for Harry’s than Target. What do they get?

Ralph Lauren shaking up the Olympics


  • The classic apparel retailer chosen to design Team USA’s uniforms for the opening ceremonies in Rio
  • Goal was to bring back “nostalgia”, but the red, white, and blue striped shirt under the blue blazers ended up looking like the Russian flag. Ooops.
  • Australian team also fell flat with their uniform reportedly looking like the common Australian medical card.


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